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At today's program,

Well Wishes to Bill. We all hope for a speedy recovery.


Todays Visitor:

We were visited today by Governor Singh Ajmani. He was introduced by Dieckman, ADG  Singh was influenced by Rotary as a young professional. A Rotary Club in India, where his brother-in-law was a member, had adopted a very poor village. Rotarians were influential in bringing roads and electricity to the village. They arranged for micro loans for sewing machines and bicycles; village women sewed under-garments and the men sold them in the farmer’s market.  

Singh joined Upper St. Clair-Bethel Park Rotary Club in 1983. He is a RI Foundation Benefactor and a Paul Harris Fellow plus 4. He has served as Club President and as Assistant District Governor

Singh presented our club with  a Rotary Banner and a golf towel.  

Singh also believes everyone should do well in Life, Family, Business and Rotary.  Its his goal to help Rotarians achieve this. To achieve this, a Rotary Club needs to increase member engagement.  


Thought provoking questions:

Do we have a compelling reason to invite a potential new member?  Is it enough to encourage members to join and stay a member?


The goal is 5 new members per club.


Lastly, when presented with a check from our club, Singh decided to donate it back to the club with stipulation that it be used to increase member enrollment. A great gesture on his behalf.  


Tickets are available. Sell early, sell often.  If you need more tickets please see Dale.

Lastly, Great day at South Fayette Community Day, we received interest by two more possible cookers for Cook Off. Thanks to all you attended.
"Student of the Month" . . .  Joe has volunteered to organize an ongoing program that would allow our club to publicly recognize a student of the month from among the CV high school students. Meetings with the superintendents will begin after this year's scholarship recognition luncheon on May 3rd.  More details to follow.

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     Tad Dougherty
Visiting Rotarians:
      Singh Ajmani, DG, Heather Dieckman, ADG    
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Absent Rotarians: Jay, Adam, Devlin, Mark, Bill


Trivia Question of the Week . . .

How much was the first gift presented by the The Rotary Foundation?
The first person to e-mail the correct answer to Glenn Schillo wins three 50/50 tickets (A $2.00 Value) and the respect of all involved (Priceless).
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Greetings All,

Everyone had a great lunch with Governor Singh.  He was a great guest.  Thank you to everyone who could attend.  



Prez Pro Tem.

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