♦ Today's Program ♦

At today's program,

Welcome back Bill. Great to have you back!!!!!!!!


A check was presented tot he SouthBridge EMS today.  Dennis Valentine was on hand to graciously accept the check. 




10 years ago there were 150 ambulance services in the Pittsburgh area.  For various reasons, there are now on 39 left in the area.  The funds will help them with staffing issues and help offset any medical billing payments that are hard to collect.  




On October 26th. Judy attended the Interact Conference held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Greentree.  She said is was really a great event.  Below is a picture of the South Fayette Interact members that attended the event.


  Judy with South Fayette Interact Club



   Judy with Chartiers Valley Interact Club




Lastly, please submit your charitable organization for consideration tot he beneficiary committee.  The form to fill out is located HERE.




"Student of the Month" . . .  Joe has volunteered to organize an ongoing program that would allow our club to publicly recognize a student of the month from among the CV high school students.  More details to follow.

 ♦ This Rotary Week ♦

     Tad Dougherty
Visiting Rotarians:None
Other Visitors: Dennis Valentine and Dan Miller from SouthBridge EMS
Absent Rotarians: Judy, Dave D, Eric, Roy, Devlin, Glenn


Trivia Question of the Week . . .

How much was the first gift presented by the The Rotary Foundation?
The first person to e-mail the correct answer to Glenn Schillo wins three 50/50 tickets (A $2.00 Value) and the respect of all involved (Priceless).
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The Prez Sez . . .

Greetings All,

Its great to be back and great to see everyone.

Watch Your Wallets!

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Fines . . .  None.  
Happy Bucks
Joe, Natalie and Mark  - Glad Bill is here.
Adam - Glad Bill is here and 50/50 winner at Cookoff was a client.
TAD - Grandkids are doing well.
Bert, Dave W and Dale- Glad Bill is back and Dennis is here as our guest.
Bill - Happy to be back!
50/50 Drawing . . .
POT - $700+
  Joe - 10 of Hearts.
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Nov 08, 2018
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