Posted on Sep 12, 2018

We were visited today by Governor Singh Ajmani. He was introduced by Dieckman, ADG  Singh was influenced by Rotary as a young professional. A Rotary Club in India, where his brother-in-law was a member, had adopted a very poor village. 

Rotarians were influential in bringing roads and electricity to the village. They arranged for micro loans for sewing machines and bicycles; village women sewed under-garments and the men sold them in the farmer’s market.  

Singh joined Upper St. Clair-Bethel Park Rotary Club in 1983. He is a RI Foundation Benefactor and a Paul Harris Fellow plus 4. He has served as Club President and as Assistant District Governor

Singh presented our club with  a Rotary Banner and a golf towel.  

Singh also believes everyone should do well in Life, Family, Business and Rotary.  Its his goal to help Rotarians achieve this. To achieve this, a Rotary Club needs to increase member engagement.  


Thought provoking questions:

Do we have a compelling reason to invite a potential new member?  Is it enough to encourage members to join and stay a member?


The goal is 5 new members per club.


Lastly, when presented with a check from our club, Singh decided to donate it back to the club with stipulation that it be used to increase member enrollment. A great gesture on his behalf.